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RooR Bongs Cleaning

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Cleaning your RooR Bongs is easy with the dedicated roor bong cleaner.

Instructions for cleaning your roor bongs are reproduced here for your information courtesy of

Cleaning instructions:
Pipe cleaning solution, which is highly recommended by ROOR.

It must be noted that the cleaning agent is an invaluable part to the upkeep of ROOR Bongs and should be used opposing all other products used for glass cleaning.

There is no substitute for the alcohol-based solution; however, use of the agent is self-promoting, as many ROOR bong users have noticed. It really is a remarkable tool in the continued pristine look and over-all use of ROOR water pipes.

Cleaning ought to be done immediately after use of the ROOR water pipes for the best results to show. This is when it is quickest and easiest to do so.

Brushes should not be used so as to avoid damage and possible weakening of the product. The process is simple:

  • Empty dirty water out of pipe
  • Pour boiling water into pipe and all parts and rinse
  • Pour some ROOR cleaning agent onto the joints and shank of the pipe
  • Rinse with hot water over the surfaces until the odour of the solution disappears

    Roor solution must be stored out of children’s reach. Must not be inhaled or swallowed. Avoid skin or eye contact. No liability will be taken in case of misuse or improper application.