Honey Oil

make premium Honey Oil from the poorest hashish or a spoilt crop.


Bub-L-Hash Bowls - Made to Smoke Bubble

Unique Weedcity.com design Bub-L-Hash Bowls - Made to Smoke Bubble

Whilst in Germany recently we came upon a little town that makes a unique product used in the chemistry labs for some obscure reason. However it also has the amazing properties of being premium Duran Pyrex, Porous, and completely inert. EUREKA! we cried. And together with the clever blowers at Magic Glass developed the perfect purest glass on glass hashbowl in the world. We present to you the Bub-L-Hash glass on glass hash bowl.

Honey Bee Oil Extractor

get real oil from your stash Honey Bee Oil Extractor

Butane extraction method for getting oil form your herb. Simple to use get you grade A Oil from your stash or hash. Unique product includes instructions and filters. DO NOT SMOKE when using this system.

Space Case Hash Globe

Specialist Incense or Hash Burner Space Case Hash Globe

These perfectly made and machined Hash Globes from Space Case allow the user to enjoy their home made hash or incense by using this premium product. To use form a Cone Shape out of your hash and place on the needle in the middle of the Hash Globe. Light the tip until it is aflame then blow the flame out. The Hash should start to smoulder, place the globe over the hash and the smoke from the hash will gather within the globe. You then take up the mouthpiece and inhale the essence. To clean use alcohol wipes and cotton buds dipped in alcohol.

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